“Joy & Harmony” A Fundraiser for Musical Friends at Chester Playhouse played out with great success for the Chester Audience and Performers !!

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, The Halifax Harmonizers had the amazing opportunity to not only promote barbershop music, but support a local charity in the quaint town of Chester, Nova Scotia by performing in Joy & Harmony.

That evening, a group of talented performers, both local to Chester and not, came together at the Chester Playhouse to support The Friends of Music who support those looking to start or continue their love and passion for the performing arts.

The evening actually started before the first act hit the stage. There was a line up out the door for those who had still to purchase tickets to see the show. This lead to a packed house with an audience that was not only engaged, but patient as the show started late, and ran much later than intended.

Before we talk about the show itself, I have to take the time to mention those who worked hard at the venue, the Chester Playhouse, to make things happen. After a long night having to handle all of the ticket sales by hand, all of the folks were extremely patient, kind, and hospitable. This made for an atmosphere that the Halifax Harmonizers would gladly perform in again.

Once the show began, the first half was made up of local talents from around the Chester area. This included the Friends of Music charity, local dancers, and more. All of these performances were absolutely stunning.

When the first act sang about having the Bluenose on our license plate (being from Nova Scotia). The audience was hooked. They were smiling and laughing along, and just having a good time.

The dancers were next who were a good contrast to the rest of the night that consisted of all singing. It was great to see young people from such a small town area be so passionate about the performing arts. All of these young ladies definitely have a bright future when it comes to dance.

The rest of the performances in the first act were all very good, and kept the audience engaged and coming back for the second half despite the show running very late.

The second half consisted of us, the Halifax Harmonizers, and award winning quartet from Harmony Incorporated (Area 1 champions and top 10 international) Tonic.

From start to finish it was an amazing second half. The audience fed off of our initial energy, and we fed off of their energy to carry us through the rest of the show. All of this resulted in an unprompted standing ovation for us, Tonic, and the rest of the performers that evening.

Did that story make you want to hear the Halifax Harmonizers? Our next performance is during the 2018 Sunrise Division Competition both Friday night and Saturday morning.

Did you feel inspired and want to join the Halifax Harmonizers? Come check us out at SonLife church at 152 Windmill Road in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We rehearse Monday nights at 7 pm. We’d love to see you there!