2019 Annual Show Quests


Barbershoppers have at least one thing in common. We all enJOY! making music together.

enJOY! formed in December of 2016 when two Harmony Queens, a Singing Judge, and a lyric mezzo-soprano decided to join forces. They only sang together a handful of times before Jane (their snowbird) headed down south for the winter, but that was all it took for them to know that the fit was “just right.” enJOY! may spend up to six months of the year apart, but that doesn’t deter them…learning and competing together is so much fun!  enJOY! are the 2017 5th place international medalists and are hard at work preparing for the coming season. 

enJOY! members…
Lead: Jennifer Cleveland  
Bass: Jane Fritz  
Baritone: Sue Kember  
Tenor: Judy Robichaud

Halifax Girls Honour Choir

The Halifax Girls Honour Choir is an auditioned choir for girls in grades 4, 5, and 6 from Halifax. Each young singer must also sing in a school choir.

Out With The Boys

           Lead:        Marion Fraser-Pritchard         Bass:  Stephen Thompson
           Baritone:   Adele Meritt                          Tenor: Nick Mattison

Our quartet came together in 2011 to experiment with the sound of having a lady sing the lead part, with 3 men singing the harmony. It has worked out wonderfully.  Everyone is so busy however that we only manage to rehearse about once a month and consequently it has taken a while to build up our varied repertoire. We are a performance quartet and have been entertaining since 2013.

Our lead singer, Marion, sings bass in the ScotianAires ladies chorus and is their section leader. She brings years of experience singing 4 part harmony both in quartets and choirs and “the boys” appreciate the sensitivity that she brings to our songs.

Stephen, bass, has many years of experience singing with choirs, most recently with Nova Voce men’s choir, with whom he
has occasionally made solo appearances.

Unfortunately, our original baritone, Patrick Quinn, had to step down in 2018  and we are very happy to welcome Adele Merritt into the quartet. Adele brings a wealth of musical experience to our group. Besides being a music teacher she sings with the ScotianAires ladies chorus and alongside our lead in a celebrated women’s barbershop quartet called Tonic in which she sings bass. Learning a new repertoire has not fazed her and we are again learning new songs.

Nick, tenor, has been singing with barbershop choruses formerly but now enjoys his time singing in quartets.