Harmonizers Outreach Program

Melville Heights Singout – Picture by Giacomo Bruno

Community Outreach

Every year, the Halifax Harmonizers usually organized by Dick Sayer find themselves singing to many people about the Christmas season. It is a joy to sing in front of very appreciative crowds where as shown in our picture above, the number of singers make for an incredible experience for both the singer and the audience.

Meeting Fellow Barbershoppers

Every once in a while, we meet ex-barbershoppers with such enthusiasm that we can’t help to add them in our singout picture. Very rarely they will get up and sing with us, they know what it feels like to give the performance and the performers can see it on their faces.

Comment from one of our performances

“Talking to an audience member after our latest show, she stated that we, the Halifax Harmonizers, was the best men’s chorus she had ever seen. Quite the compliment since there are many chorus’ around HRM.” from Anonymous.

Our Photographer

Giacomo Bruno

902 489 0272