NED19 – Evaluations

2019 Sunrise Division Contest Judges

Jan-Ake Westin, Cookstown ON (ONT District)

Allen Otto, Houston, TX

Ig Jakovac,, Harleysville, PA

Contest Administrator:
Woody Woods, Colorado Springs, CO

The Music Category

The Music [Category] is defined as the song and arrangement, as performed. The Music category judges the suitability of the material to the barbershop style and the performer’s musicianship in bringing the song and arrangement to life. The Music judge is responsible for adjudicating the musical elements in the performance, judging the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style and the degree to which the musical performance demonstrates an artistic sensitivity to the music’s primary theme(s).

The Singing Category

The Singing category evaluates the technical and qualitative aspects of the performer’s sound. Since these factors affect consonant harmony, they will also affect the Music judge, who evaluates the level of consonance in the performance. Singing that suffers from poor synchronization, intonation, or vocal quality will also negatively impact such Music areas as delivery and execution.

The Performance Category

The Performance category evaluates how well the performer brings the song and arrangement to life through the interaction of both visual and vocal aspects of the performance. In addition to assessing the performers’ artistry and believability, Performance judges adjudicate entertainment value and emotional impact, vocally and visually, within the context of the chosen entertainment theme. The factors creating these results will often affect the Music category since there is a strong correlation between the musicianship with which music is rendered as evaluated by Music judges and the generation of mood and believability as evaluated by Performance judges.


Barbershop Harmony Society Document, Contest and Judging Handbook, February 2019.