Welcome Harmonizers!

The Halifax Harmonizers rehearse regularly each Monday night (with some exceptions) at the Trinity Anglican Church, 321 Main Ave in Halifax, NS.  The Halifax Harmonizers welcome men to attend as our guest to examine if barbershop is a great way to learn to sing (listen). Singing with other parts opens your mind to amazing vocal harmonies.

Note: Covid restrictions are used during their meetings which change at the
governments will. The zoomed meetings have been discontinued.

321 Main Ave in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Many people believe they are “tone deaf”. In actuality, less than 0.05% of people are truly “tone deaf”. Most people just need practice or attending Trinity Anglican Church on Mondays!  If you really enjoy singing and want to improve, please stop by on Monday nights or email for more information.

Every person who sings barbershop music find it an extremely joyful experience. The best harmony awaits you.

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